John W Partington
Writing since 1982, publishing 2004

Suspend Disbelief - Have an Adventure!

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I write the adventures I no longer have.

Suspend disbelief - Have an adventure!

I mostly write about military and para-military forces. That’s what I did for most of my youth. I was a soldier until wounded on an overseas mission, so now I write. There is no subtext in my novels, it’s all about a good, fun read.

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I write Speculative Fiction and Comedy

I mostly write science fiction about military or para-military forces, some fantasy, and occasionally humour pieces. I'm Canadian; we spell things a little differently here.

Just Released

An Elven Tale: Balance of Power

Leaf is the new elven king. His enemies have uncovered ancient weapons from the bowels of the earth, and now Leaf must recover his own artefacts if he is to maintain a balance of power. With an army at his command he journeys to those places where time has stopped and evil resides. Heroes rise, adventure awaits along with all the promise of epic fantasy: dragons, demons, and a quest against impossible odds, magic and sorcery, and an unexpected turn of events.

Published Last Year

Kombatt's Trial

Lieutenant Mars Nathanial Kombatt is being tried for murdering his commanding officer while deployed on a mission with the Terran Commonwealth Cavalry. The Prosecution paints a picture of Mars as a drug addicted, psychotic, enemy collaborator. While the defense agrees that the Lieutenant has some flaws, it’s all a matter of prospective. Join a combat platoon of armored cavalry entrenched deep in the middle of the Second Interstellar War as they fight, not to defeat the enemy, but to protect one of their own.

Brand New

A Treasure Hunt in a Small Town

Ryan Silver left a legacy for his daughter Jessica, but he also had a sense of humor and adventure. He left a path of clues that will ultimately lead to nine million dollars in stocks. Jessica sets about turning the small town of Richmond on its tail in an attempt to find the treasure before the word spreads. The race is on.

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