John W Partington

Fantasy - Monsters, Mayhem, and Heroes

These stories deal with characters living in the past, from the past, or other aspects that are not based in our current existence and have a fantasy element. These stories frequently contain graphic violence, language, and adult situations or sexual innuendo.

An Elven Tale: Balance of Power (Vol. 1)

Leaf is the new elven king. His enemies have uncovered ancient weapons from the bowels of the earth, and now Leaf must recover his own artefacts if he is to maintain a balance of power. With an army at his command he journeys to those places where time has stopped and evil resides. Heroes rise, adventure awaits along with all the promise of epic fantasy: dragons, demons, and a quest against impossible odds, magic and sorcery, and an unexpected turn of events.


An Elven Tale: Death of a Demon God (Vol. 2)

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Redcale spent thirty years searching for the prophesized Chickens of Destiny, the only thing which could turn the tide of the final battle, but the prophecy was wrong. He was meant to find the Children of Destiny and train them to be warriors since the time they were babes. Now, they are grown men and women with mixed interest in a battle. Redcale would not abandon his quest so easily, and rallied them to join the fight, with mixed results.


Forever Infantry

Blake Slate is a soldier, who dies and then wakes up in Hell as a private in Hell’s infantry. Thomas and John are soldiers who die in a plane crash, and wake up in another part of the afterlife. All three try to complete their new duties as soldiers in the hereafter. Blake: seize Heaven, Thomas: defend Heaven, and John: complete relentless amounts of paperwork. This book contains scenes of graphic violence, coarse language, and sexual situations.


Knight of the Dragon

Drake Goodman is a soldier fighting a war in South-East Asia. When he steps through a magic portal, he finds himself in a realm populated by creatures from antiquity, monsters, and wizards. He is mistaken as a legendary warrior, sent to free The Lands from the clutches of the evil wizard, Bal-Moral. He takes up the fight armed with: his trusty rifle, a keen sense of survival, and a longing to go home.


Rangers in Danger

This is the story of Iceglacian Rangers, police officers from a fantasy realm, who find themselves transported to modern day Earth in pursuit of an evil wizard. They don't understand the customs, the currency, or why magic doesn't do what they expect it to do, but hey, there's always time for a cheeseburger.


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