John W Partington

How to Publish in the Modern World

The Steps and Choices to Make:

1) Write a book. Write it well, get it edited, put an attractive cover on it, but essentially: have something to publish.

2) Decide on your publishing route. None can guarantee success:

Traditional – send it to a publishing house, one publisher at a time, using their submission process.

Agent – send it to an agent using their submission process.

Self-Publish – send it to a self-publishing house using their submission process.

Independent – publish it yourself using tools like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or Digital2Draft’s Smashwords.

Assisted – get some limited help to cover off the areas you can’t do yourself.

3) Market you book on as many channels as you can, but remember, marketing is also a full-time job. If you’re marketing you’re probably not writing.

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