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Mouse of Mu 3

“Grandfather Mouse, tell us the story of the Undying Soldier and the lords of time.”

“Well, I’ll tell you the tale of Lazarus and the soldiers, but I think you made that second part up. Now listen closely my kittens, for this affects you deeply. You are all my descendants, so the blood that runs through me runs through you. My real name is Xavier Culpeper, and the tale I am about to tell you will most likely result in my death if it got out. And not just my death, but all our deaths. So, listen quietly but pay attention. You will become the living record of what transpired all those years ago.”

“Tell us,” the kittens squeal.

“You’re excited now, but when you know the full truth of your origins you may wish to forget. The occasion of my birth was a happy one. My parents were infertile, so unable to have kittens. They had sex—a lot of furniture breaking sex— and they had me. Not a litter of kittens, just me. I was their pride and joy. My parents were well-to-do, as they say. I was well educated and cared for, and I attended the best schools and had the utmost in opportunities until I was a sprite not much older than any of you are now.”

“What happened?” asks one of the kittens.

“My parents died. I was a little over a year old and I thought I was old enough to get on in the world by myself. I was at the end of adolescence, but an army of lawyers, social workers, well-wishers, and scoundrels descended on me. They all wanted money. They all wanted to protect my inheritance, to tax it, to invest it, and to embezzle it. It was never about protecting me; it was about the money.”

“How did your parents die?”

“Lead poisoning.”

“From paint?”

“From bullets.” They were assassinated in front of me by a couple of cats, and despite my mews for help, no one came until it was too late. All I remember is a one-eyed tabby the second assassin called Atticus. Instead, when I was home with my extended family, people came after my money. I was sent to my room while the adults decided my fate. That was when I decided I would not be a puppet with no control over my life.”

“What did you do?” a round-eyed kitten asks.

“I ran away. That is where my story really starts. So, get comfortable, and I will tell you a tale of both triumph and tragedy, of humour and horror. This is a story that spans lifetimes and connects everything together under the banner of the Undying Soldier.”

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