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Being an Independent Writer and Working with Readers

How you can help:

Being an independent writer means I do as much of the work by myself as I can. I write the novels. I edit the novels. I do the typesetting, the covers, the blurbs, the marketing (such as it is) and all sales channels. It's a lot for one person to do. Normally, for editing, I have a couple of beta-readers and one or two editors, and then an executive editor. Each book I publish goes through at least four independent sets of eyes. Nobody can catch everything, but everybody can miss the same thing. That's where you come in.

If, in reading and enjoying my works, you see a misspelt word, turn out of phrase, or something blatantly wrong, let me know. There's a Contact Me page on this site. When I get enough errors together I do a new upload to my distributers and reprint from my printers. If you spot an error, it was missed by myself and at least three other people. You can brag about that, but don't spoil over it. Let me know; I'll fix it.

I'd rather read your books and let others edit:

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