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There are books that are in pre-release, meaning I'm writing or editing them.

An Elven Tale: Thorn's Quest

The exploratory army has returned from its quest to find the Kingdom in upheaval. High Lord Edmond has taken control while Leaf was away, so the army is holed up in Cordoon with the dwarves. An emissary must be sent to the demon god Vier, who has attacked Cordoon. Leaf must fight to regain his crown, but cannot fight a war on two fronts. Thorn takes it upon himself to travel into the mountains, far from home, to confront the god. Thorn does not go alone. Churlish, Lilly, and Putt are along to help with their own individual talents.

Will launch for distribution on 13 October 2023, so available on most sites by 18 October 2023. 

Blood Hunters

Jessie Jayne had a good life: college freshman at an ivy league school on an athletics scholarship, good grades, unattached but with prospects, and a cat. All that changed when she was kidnapped by vampires, who attempted to turn her into a vampire against her will. She was rescued by William, a vampire from a rival faction, before the transformation was complete but after it had been initiated. Straddling the world between life and death, Jessie must figure out how to survive in her new reality. Plus, deal with a war amongst vampires in which she is now a reluctant pawn.

Hoping to have out in late 2023

Jake & Chearice: Homecoming

Wedding bells are ringing, but there’s the question of who to invite? Chearice takes it upon herself to track down Jake’s family so they can be part of the festivities. In that process the couple discover some disturbing secrets about Jake’s past, and a new plot that threatens the Omni-verse. The race is on, and the ultimate prize could be domination of the universe, every universe.

Hoping to have out in late early 2024

A Vigilante in a Small Town

Jessica Silver leads the neighborhood watch against the miscreants of Richmond. Under cover of darkness, when crime strikes, she'll be there with her band of allies: a ninja, a werewolf-lookalike, and a lawyer.

Hoping to have out in 2024

Children's Quest: Mark of the Spider

A new evil is making its presence known in the elven kingdom. King Pendrathorn can’t deal with it by himself; he’s got a kingdom to run. Instead he calls to his banner all manner of warriors and sorcerers in a tournament, to find the best who can deal with the threat. Mark Book, the king’s nephew, harkens to the call in a quest to save the kingdom and prove his worth.

Probably not until 2025

Mall Warriors

Mike Hamilton is the oldest and most educated person on planet Earth. He’s 17 years old with Grade 9 under his belt. In a post-plague world, which killed everyone who had gone through puberty, being a late bloomer meant Mike survived. Now he is the leader of the Highland City Kidz, and discovering that being an adult is not all he expected. College, marriage, aspirations of a legacy? Mike just wants to survive the winter while fending off rival tribes and trying to promote a lasting alliance with the Country Folk.

This story is being delayed until I get a bit more therapy. I wanted to deal with the war I was in through fiction, but I'm not ready yet.

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