John W Partington

Comedy - No Aliens, No Monsters. Heroes? You Decide

These stories deal with characters living in our current existence, or as close to it as can be written. There are no dragons or aliens. There may be profanity and adult situations.

A Call Girl in a Small Town

Jessica Silver is a stay at home mom with a big problem: mounting repair bills. Living in a small town with limited job opportunities Jessica turns to desperate measures in order to ensure the livelihood of her house. The results are not what she expects. This is not erotica. It is a comedy piece with adult themes. It is not suitable for young children.


A Theft in a Small Town

Jessica Silver has laid her mother to rest, but rest does not come easy. Finding the grave dug up the next morning and burial jewellery missing, Jessica sets to solve the crime herself (aided by an assortment of friends). Unfortunately solving crime is not as easy as it looks in media.


A Treasure Hunt in a Small Town

Ryan Silver left a legacy for his daughter Jessica, but he also had a sense of humor and adventure. He left a path of clues that will ultimately lead to nine million dollars in stocks. Jessica sets about turning the small town of Richmond on its tail in an attempt to find the treasure before the word spreads. The race is on.


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