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Laterpress is a service that allows you to read books on your cellular phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is wifi and something to read on. If you don't have an e-reader this is the way to get the books using your existing technology. If you can see this screen now, you can already engage this service. Prices are USD.

Kombatt's Trial

Lieutenant Mars Nathanial Kombatt is being tried for murdering his commanding officer while deployed on a mission with the Terran Commonwealth Cavalry. The Prosecution paints a picture of Mars as a drug addicted, psychotic, enemy collaborator. While the defense agrees that the Lieutenant has some flaws, it’s all a matter of prospective. Join a combat platoon of armored cavalry entrenched deep in the middle of the Second Interstellar War as they fight, not to defeat the enemy, but to protect one of their own.

$3.99 USD

An Elven Tale: Balance of Power

Leaf is the new Elven King. His enemies have uncovered ancient weapons from the bowels of the earth, and now Leaf must recover his own artefacts if he is to maintain a balance of power. With an army at his command he journeys to those places where time has stopped and evil resides. Heroes rise, adventure awaits along with all the promise of epic fantasy: dragons, demons, and a quest against impossible odds, magic and sorcery, and an unexpected turn of events.

$5.99 USD

An Elven Tale: Death of a Demon God

The quest is nearly complete. Once done, the hard part begins: getting back home. Leaf and his army survived the horrors contained in the bowels of the earth, and with their plundered artefacts must find a way back to the surface. Heroes rise, adventure awaits along with all the promise of epic fantasy: dragons, demons, and a quest against impossible odds, magic and sorcery, and more unexpected turns of events.

$4.99 USD

An Elven Tale: Thorn's Quest

The exploratory army has returned from its quest to find the Kingdom in upheaval. High Lord Edmond has taken control while Leaf was away, so the army is holed up in Cordoon with the dwarves. An emissary must be sent to the demon god Vier, who has attacked Cordoon. Leaf must fight to regain his crown, but cannot fight a war on two fronts. Thorn takes it upon himself to travel into the mountains, far from home, to confront the god. Thorn does not go alone. Churlish, Lilly, and Putt are along to help with their own individual talents.

$4.99 USD

Awaken the Cyborg

Racer Magellan is a four-hundred-year-old cyborg mercenary, and one of the last true-humans in the galaxy. Triness is an alien princess who keeps a secret which could bring the galaxy to its knees. When Triness hired Racer as a bodyguard he expected an easy mission, and a large pay cheque. He never expected to fall in love, lose that love, and then fight to get her back. He never expected to awaken emotions that had long lay dormant. This story contains graphic violence, language, and adult situations.

$3.99 USD

Cell Phone Conspiracy

Jake Sloan is the only human in the Department of Inter-Dimensional Affairs. While he has friends from a number of extra-dimensional species, he is lonely. Until he meets Chearice. She is everything that he ever wanted in a companion. Together they uncover a plot which could destroy the entire omni-verse, and every sentient species in creation. They face challenges and adversity from the enemy, and within their own office as they navigate both tactical and bureaucratic arenas. They uncover a devastating secret about Jake’s past while trying to forge a future together. This story contains scenes of violence, sexuality, and coarse language. It also contains scenes of heroism, honor, and humor.

$3.99 USD


A new threat envelopes the omni-verse as Jake and Chearice tackle: enemies, first contact, and engagement. With difficulties between Corbellian traditions and pay problems, a new evil is slowly spreading through the Department of Inter-Dimensional Affairs. This evil has a personal vendetta against Jake, and will stop at nothing until Jake Sloan is dead.

$3.99 USD

Mouse of Mu 3

Before Jake & Chearice fought sentient cell phones and self-aware computer programs, there was Mouse. Before there was Mouse there was Xavier Culpeper: orphan, street-fighter, car thief, drug mule, and other jobs in-between. Sentenced to life-time internment as a soldier he seeks a way to extend his years beyond the scope of the nine lives he’s allotted. Immortality comes with a price, and moral ambiguity that may be too much for Xavier to withstand.

$3.99 USD

Knight of the Dragon

Drake Goodman is a soldier fighting a war in South-East Asia. When he steps through a magic portal, he finds himself in a realm populated by creatures from antiquity, monsters, and wizards. He is mistaken as a legendary warrior, sent to free The Lands from the clutches of the evil wizard, Bal-Moral. He takes up the fight armed with: his trusty rifle, a keen sense of survival, and a longing to go home.

$2.99 USD

Forever Infantry

Blake Slate is a soldier, who dies and then wakes up in Hell as a private in Hell’s infantry. Thomas and John are soldiers who die in a plane crash, and wake up in another part of the afterlife. All three try to complete their new duties as soldiers in the hereafter. Blake: seize Heaven, Thomas: defend Heaven, and John: complete relentless amounts of paperwork. This book contains scenes of graphic violence, coarse language, and sexual situations.

$2.99 USD


Redcale spent thirty years searching for the prophesized Chickens of Destiny, the only thing which could turn the tide of the final battle, but the prophecy was wrong. He was meant to find the Children of Destiny and train them to be warriors since the time they were babes. Now, they are grown men and women with mixed interest in a battle. Redcale would not abandon his quest so easily, and rallied them to join the fight, with mixed results. This story contains graphic violence, adult situations, profanity, and sexual situations or innuendo. There are also elements of comedy and humor. This is a story about unlikely heroes.

$3.99 USD

A Call Girl in a Small Town

Jessica Silver is a stay-at-home mom with a big problem: mounting repair bills. Living in a small town with limited job opportunities Jessica turns to desperate measures in order to ensure the livelihood of her house. The results are not what she expects. This is not erotica. It is a comedy piece with adult themes. It is not suitable for young children.

$1.99 USD

A Theft in a Small Town

Jessica Silver has laid her mother to rest, but rest does not come easy. Finding the grave dug up the next morning and burial jewelry missing, Jessica sets to solve the crime herself (aided by an assortment of friends). Unfortunately solving crime is not as easy as it looks in media.

$1.99 USD

A Treasure Hunt in a Small Town

Ryan Silver left a legacy for his daughter Jessica, but he also had a sense of humor and adventure. He left a path of clues that will ultimately lead to nine million dollars in bonds. Jessica sets about turning the small town of Richmond on its tail in an attempt to find the treasure before the word spreads. The race is on.

$1.99 USD

Evolution: Stories from the Dawn of Creativity

These are among the first stories I ever wrote. Decades ago, before the advent of powerful personal computers like we have today, armed with a dot matrix printer and a dream, I wrote. Then I got better at what I did and life took me in other directions for a while. These are the primordial stories that started me on my route to creativity. This is the start point, not the destination. Still, they’re entertaining. I’ll never reach my destination. These stories contain graphic violence, language, and adult situations.

$3.99 USD

Playing with Imaginary People: A Collection of Short Stories

This is a series of short stories I have written over the last few years. They are a jumping point for ideas, but all self-contained. There is fiction, science-fiction, poetry, and just weird stuff.

$2.99 USD

Letters to God

Captain Mike Johnston is the pilot on a daring mission, the first attempt at manned dimensional travel. To escape to other stars, within human lifetime, the Orion Project developed dimensional travel to coast through the underside of outer space. The mission was partially successful, from a certain point of view.

$0.99 USD

The Tales of Princess Meridian

Princess Meridian has many adventures, and frequently learns a lesson in the process. These are stories I wrote for my daughter when she was very young. She complained nobody had the same name as her. While inspired by my daughter, I don’t think she ever kissed a frog, but is every bit a princess.

$0.99 USD

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