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My writing is not the stuff you like? Try books from these writers. I have read these books or series, so am giving my honest opinion. I would not recommend something I wasn't willing to read myself.

The Roman Sky

This is a speculative series about what would have happened if the Roman Empire had lighter than air travel. The military has a wonderful way of taking something innocent and converting it to a weapon of war. Reading this story you see that the attitudes, beliefs, and practices of the military 1600 years ago isn't that different from our forces today.

John W. Egan

The Voices in My Head

This is a collection of short stories, many of which were written in the writing club Thom and I belong to. Thom has a wicked sense of humor, and usually incorporates something funny into his tale even if it is tragic.

Thom Whalen

The Pegasi Chronicles

This is an adventure that starts in one direction, and the goes another. It is spell binding in its descriptions and actions.

Allan McCarville

Harley: One Man's Journey, Dust in the Lane, and Other Short Stories

This is an collection of stories by Joan Blake about life in northern New Brunswick. It's unexpected the shenanigans that happen in a rural area. Small town quiet? No, life happens no matter where you are.

Joan Blake

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