John W Partington

Science Fiction - Aliens, Time Travel, and Heroes

These stories deal with characters living in the future, from the future, or other aspects that are not based in our current existence. These stories frequently contain graphic violence, language, and adult situations or sexual innuendo.

Awaken the Cyborg

Racer Magellan is a four-hundred-year-old cyborg mercenary, and one of the last true-humans in the galaxy. Triness is an alien princess who keeps a secret which could bring the galaxy to its knees. When Triness hired Racer as a bodyguard he expected an easy mission, and a large pay cheque. He never expected to fall in love, lose that love, and then fight to get her back. He never expected to awaken emotions that had long lay dormant.


Jake & Chearice: Cell Phone Conspiracy

Jake Sloan is the only human in the Department of Inter-Dimensional Affairs. While he has friends from a number of extra-dimensional species, he is lonely. Until he meets Chearice. She is everything that he ever wanted in a companion. Together they uncover a plot which could destroy the entire omni-verse, and every sentient species in creation. They face challenges and adversity from the enemy, and within their own office as they navigate both tactical and bureaucratic arenas. They uncover a devastating secret about Jake’s past while trying to forge a future together. This story contains scenes of violence, sexuality, and coarse language. It also contains scenes of heroism, honor, and humour.


Jake & Chearice: Lightspeed

A new threat envelopes the omni-verse as Jake and Chearice tackle: enemies, first contact, and engagement. With difficulties between family traditions and pay problems, a new evil is slowly spreading through the Department of Inter-Dimensional Affairs. This evil has a personal vendetta against Jake, and will stop at nothing until Jake Sloan is dead.


Mouse of Mu 3

Before Jake & Chearice fought sentient cell phones and self-aware computer programs, there was Mouse. Before there was Mouse there was Xavier Culpeper: orphan, street-fighter, car thief, drug mule, and other jobs in-between. Sentenced to life-time internment as a soldier he seeks a way to extend his years beyond the scope of the nine lives he’s allotted. Immortality comes with a price, and moral ambiguity that may be too much for Xavier to withstand.


Kombatt's Trial

Lieutenant Mars Nathanial Kombatt is being tried for murdering his commanding officer while deployed on a mission with the Terran Commonwealth Cavalry. The Prosecution paints a picture of Mars as a drug addicted, psychotic, enemy collaborator. While the defense agrees that the Lieutenant has some flaws, it’s all a matter of prospective. Join a combat platoon of armored cavalry entrenched deep in the middle of the Second Interstellar War as they fight, not to defeat the enemy, but to protect one of their own.


Letters to God

Captain Mike Johnston is the pilot on a daring mission, the first attempt at manned dimensional travel. To escape to other stars, within human lifetime, the Orion Project developed dimensional travel to coast through the underside of outer space. The mission was partially successful, from a certain point of view.

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Playing with Imaginary People: A Collection of Short Stories

This is a series of short stories I have written over the last few years. They are a jumping point for ideas, but all self-contained. There is fiction, science-fiction, poetry, and just weird stuff.


Evolution: Stories from the Dawn of Creativity

These are among the first stories I ever wrote. Decades ago, before the advent of powerful personal computers like we have today, armed with a dot matrix printer and a dream, I wrote. Then I got better at what I did and life took me in other directions for a while. These are the primordial stories that started me on my route to creativity. This is the start point, not the destination. Still, they’re entertaining. I’ll never reach my destination.

Time X, is the story of time travelling agents with the job of setting straight the course of history.

The Thief of Time, is the story of an immortal who is the last line of defence against the powers of darkness.

Night Watch, is the story of a werewolf who hunts vampires with his human sidekick. Told from the sidekick’s point of view. These stories contain graphic violence, language, and adult situations.


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